Stagecoach Reservoir


Total Capacity: 36,439 AF.
Full Reservoir level: 7,204.0 Ft.
Current Reservoir level: 7,202.0 Ft.
Water level last updated: May 10, 2023

Reservoir Statistics

Total Reservoir Surface: 819 acres
Dam Height: 145 feet
Crest Width: 360 feet

A Multi-Purpose Project

  • Agriculture
  • Municipal
  • Industrial
  • Environmental
  • Plus an 800 kw Hydroelectric Power Plant

The project was conceived in 1983 by the Board of the Upper Yampa Water Conservancy District and designed to provide a reliable source of water for the growing population and economy of Northwest Colorado.

The reservoir furnishes water for agricultural irrigation, municipalities and industry, serving the community for many decades to come as a multi-purpose conservation reservoir. Furthermore it generates 800 kilowatts of electrical energy and forms a beautiful recreation lake in a spectacular setting.

This Dam was constructed using a new method of construction called Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) which is basically a low grade concrete for the gravity core of the structure. This is the 10th such RCC dam in North America. The dam structure was built in 37 days working around the clock, by ASI-RCC, Inc. of Buena Vista, Colorado. The Stagecoach Dam & Reservoir was dedicated on August 12, 1989.

Recreation at Stagecoach Reservoir is managed by the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife

The Dam, Power Plant, Reservoir, and Land is owned by Upper Yampa Water Conservancy District.

  • An 80-acre Wetland Aquatic Habitat Refuge west of the reservoir.
  • 642 acres dedicated to big game habitat north of the reservoir.
  • 124 acres of wetlands in addition to the refuge.
  • Approximately $9,000 per year to Colorado Parks and Wildlife for fish stocking.
  • Annual subsidy to Colorado Parks and Wildlife for recreation facilities.
  • Fish habitat structures downstream of the dam.
  • A $275,000 multi-outlet intake structure to provide optimum reservoir release temperatures for trout.
  • A buffer zone around the reservoir to provide public access to the entire periphery including a south shore bike and walking trail.
  • A quality 100-unit campground with 2 boat ramps, swim beach, marina, bath house and comfort stations with running water. The recreation facilities are administered by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife.