Grant funding:

Conserving, enhancing, protecting.

At the Upper Yampa Water Conservancy District, grants represent a vital avenue for driving forward our mission of responsible water management and environmental stewardship. These grants empower us to embark on innovative projects that span conservation, infrastructure enhancement, and community engagement.

Diversion Infrastructure Improvement Project Funding

Our Diversion Infrastructure Improvement Project funding is available for headgate or measuring device construction or replacement for water users within the UYWCD boundary. Installation must occur from the point of diversion. Tier 1 applicants can apply for a 50% reimbursement of project costs, up to $5,000. Tier 2 funding is available for larger projects; reach out to Courtney Lynn if you have questions about funding for your diversion infrastructure project.

How do I apply?

1. Verify that your property falls within the UYWCD District Boundary using the search bar on the adjacent boundary map.

2. Complete installation

3.  Download Application

4. Obtain signatures from the Colorado Division of Water Resources confirming installation and compliance

5. Submit completed application with all receipts

Please contact Courtney Lynn for all Tier 2 applications or to submit completed Tier 1 application.

Community Grant Funding

The Community Grant Funding Project was established to assist with funding projects that align with the UYWCD mission to conserve, protect, develop, and enhance the water resources of the Upper Yampa River Basin for the benefit of the Basin. The UYWCD Board of Directors allocated $100,000 in the annual budget to assist with local projects that fall within the criteria and guidelines.

Who can apply?

  1. Public agencies including local governments such as municipalities and counties, special districts such as irrigation or conservation districts, and all public authorities
  2. Private corporations including mutual ditch companies, homeowners associations, and partnerships
  3. Non-governmental organizations including non-profit and for-profit organizations and corporations
  4. Private landowners and individuals

Project categories

Projects in the following categories may be eligible:

  1. Infrastructure Improvements
  2. Water Supply Planning
  3. River Restoration
  4. Water Quality & Watershed Health
  5. Education & Outreach

For more information, please review the Community Grant Funding Project Guidelines and Application below.

Community Grant Funding Project Guidelines

Community Grant Funding Application

Please contact Holly Kirkpatrick for a pre-application consultation prior to completing the application.